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What is the Tucson Hummingbird Project?

The Tucson hummingbird Project is part of a hummingbird reconciliation effort and ecological study done at the University of Arizona. The purpose of the project is to increase native hummingbird diversity in Tucson, monitor the abundance of hummingbirds and study their community ecology.


Who can participate in this project?

Anyone living in or around Tucson, AZ, who is interested in increasing hummingbird diversity around his/her home and enjoys watching them. Participants of all backgrounds can act as citizen scientists and join the effort to conserve, monitor and study the hummingbird populations around Tucson.


All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for the project.
  2. Choose how many hummingbird feeders you want to put in your yard and hang them according to the feeder instructions. 0 feeders is also an option. We encourage you to participate and collect data on hummingbirds even if you choose to have no feeders.
  3. Learn to identify hummingbird species that are common in, or around Tucson.
  4. Relax and watch hummingbirds in your yard for half an hour a week, according to the project's instructions, while filling out the data sheet.
  5. Report your findings through this web site.
  6. Have fun !


Special thanks to:

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

University of Arizona
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Silliman Memorial Research Fund


We appreciate your comments. Please email Alona Bachi: alona@email.arizona.edu